About Me
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I have been drawing and painting since I was small.  The fantasy worlds of TV shows & movies like Doctor Who, Blake’s 7 and Star Trek sucked me in from a young age and in one way or another I have been building worlds ever since.

I have been working as a professional illustrator for 14 years or so. I have done concept design for film and games, toy design, illustration for print and web and model fabrication.

Why should you hire me?  What can I do for you? Simple:

If you hire me I will make your life easier.

I work fast and to the brief.  I plan my work so that it is delivered on time and on budget.   Time is money after all.

I am available for commission and contract work. If you would like to talk to me about your art needs feel free to email me at simon_lissaman@yahoo.com.


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